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Khalil Property Lawyers can assist you in the conveyance of your property from the start of your contractual arrangements to the end. This includes entering into the contract of sale and the preparation of your legal documents to be lodged with the New South Wales Land Registry Services (LRS) to record dealings on your title. We will also be there throughout the settlement process.

We can also assist you in relation to the creation of the legal documents required to give effect to the recording of any partition on your property or creation of easements.

Furthermore, most often people require legal advice in relation to whether they have a caveatable interest and whether they are entitled to lodge a caveat on a property that is legally owned by someone else.

Here at Khalil Property Lawyers we can give you advice on whether you have a caveatable interest, and in the situation that you do not have a caveatable interest, we can advise you on the other legal avenues available to you in order to enforce your rights.

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